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Or, beware it's my reality!

I've been writing for a long time. Most writing I haven't actually got on computer and sits in note books scattered around the country. Recently, if you consider the age of the universe that is, I resolved to try and put as much as possible onto computer as I don't really like losing notebooks. I was inspired by the work of another, so to speak.
You can get the stuff I've put here as a large plain text file or click on each link for individual poems.
People ask me where the name Fnagaton comes form and I explain it is a made up name by picking random letters from a dictionary.

So you can see the face behind the writing I have added this picture is of me. It was taken just before Christmas 2001 as I was going to a charity dinner.
When I'm not writing I love to read. Mostly I buy my books from Amazon.co.uk and I'm impressed with their large catalogue. The walls where I live are lined with books, many of them science fiction authors or technical books related to computers, maths and physics. You can search for your favourite writers here...
In Association with Amazon.co.uk

All writing here plus some extras are available in this book called "Waterfall Dreams".

Anyway have fun and enjoy!

Fnagaton's thoughts for some days

Not really poetry at all just rambling and observations.

Comments, suggestions or anything else about this lot are very welcome. I'm constantly writing so it might be a good idea to check back often if you like. If you want to use any of this work elsewhere then just ask.